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Dedicated to the iPad, Android, iPod and iPhone version of SAS 3. A lot of people say it's kinda pointless but there are a lot of differences, so please don't start flaming. Most of these people are PC only players as well ;), so let the iOS players speak for themselves! Also, when I say iOS, don't feel left out Android users. I mean you too... Please add anything you can, except if you only play the PC version and don't know whether it is the same for iOS. If you are from the main SAS 3 wiki and are concerned about "stolen" material (eg. plagiarized ;D) please contact me and I will add proper credit.

If you're looking for the PC version wiki, it can be found here.

If you just got the game, I suggest checking out Noob's Corner. If you can get through all the bad language and insults toward nubs it might actually help you out.

This Wiki's founder is Tiger Blood. If you're wondering why he is no longer around, check this.

What can you do?

Got an iPod, iPhone, Android device or iPad? Got SAS: Zombie Assault 3? If you don't, well mate, f***ing get it already! Please help by adding content to this Wiki or CORRECTING MY DICKHEAD MISTAKES. If you play the PC version then DON'T ADD SHIT until you know for sure what you are adding is the same as the iOS version. What you waiting for son? Friggin' add some stuff!


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